The Immortal Trinity Of Sacred Love Theater Hall

The Immortal Trinity Of Sacred Love (Theater Hall)

This is an Art Exhibit, Tourist Attraction and a Concert Hall that is constructed resembling Ancient Greek
architecture. The Building holds an Art Exhibit called “The Immortal Trinity Of Sacred Love” Suspended for
viewing in a square Bullet and Shatter Proof glass case on a Marble floor. The Building is Surrounded by a
round Paneled performance stage. Around the performance stage are Steel and Stone Bleachers and Benches for
audience seating. Stage navigation included in the building’s construction are the Staircase and the Rear
Ladder that leads to the roof of the Building. The Building sits on a Landscaped Acred field. The Blacktop
walkway that leads to The Immortal Trinity Of Sacred Love (Theater Hall) makes this optional National Park
an investment for sight and peace of mind.

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