The King (Public Manager ) Has Spoken



I am Sammy Mclain and I am working to become a Public Manager in pursuit of an African-American Embassy. I aim to earn a Recommended Vote in every 

Government Election. I have a Journal that I would like Everyone to check out (@Scape111 on Amazon Books) about World Government and if Everyone can agree on a
Government Framework then it should be Government Representation with open consideration to Government Reform. I also have a Movie that I would like
Everyone to check out (The Immortal Trinity Of Sacred Love on Amazon Video) about Life Theory because it has a purpose.
People came to America by the Boatloads from different Regions and Cultures. Many still don't have stabilization or a clean Bill of Health. People refuse to relate as
most People can't accept Blood Oath and Sacrifice of wrongdoing against Humanity. Policy that integrate like -Social Income -Housing Units -Food Cards
-Feasible Healthcare and Jobs is now disregarded by -Freebooting - Labor Trade and Depletion. America is now balling up the hand that it extended for Integration.
The hand that it bit off of a Free World. American Governing is too stubborn to see the catastrophe of -Ignorance -Greed -Selfishness and Hate that it introduced to
the World. A Citizen would wake up every morning to justify the War of Pillagers. I hope that America receives service of the note (Lost Caus@ on Amazon Books)
that I have awaiting Delivery Confirmation and that it can settle it's case.


-Sammy Mclain

African-American Embassy