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13 Stripes 1989. South Central L.A.

African-American Embassy 2018.

Welcome to: the African-American Embassy


The AAE is designed for all walks of Life to share. (Text Document) (Mp4 video)  (Business Card Preview) and (png, gif and Jpg image) file attachments (35 MB) along with e-mail instruction and where on the website that the presentation should appear can be submitted by (email) networking: (Below)


Acceptable files can be shared with Amazon S3 (storage link) and OneDrive (recommended: without the editing option) by copying and pasting the link or embed link onto the portfolio. Recipe made entirely from scratch will only be accepted. If the presentation requires a unique category Please add Letter, Category, Sub-Categories and Title (e.g. R/Resume/The Last Resume) to the Instructions to create the new Category. Too much Personal information is not recommended and try to keep Text, Image and Video as short and small as possible. Non-explicit lyrics and content is acceptable.


(mp4) Videos can be shared from YouTube by copying and pasting the link or embed link onto the portfolio and/or on African-American Embassy YouTube Channel (video required). For a live wifi webcam and live broadcasting provide the link or embed link.  (mp4) videos can also be shared on African-American Embassy TV (roku channel) (video and image storage link required). Channel CodeAAEROKU 

and Fire Tv


Open Discussions to an audience of choice is held at AAEmbassy on Twitter and African-American Embassy on Facebook.


This is a canvas for Cope, Reason and Purpose. Keep the head above clouds and try to make the World a better place.






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