Electronic Cell Car

Mclain Hydropowered Electronic Cell Car:


- Natural Ventilation (Air Conditioning)
- Electronic Cell Car
- Hydropowered Engine (Fuel Cell)
- Photocatalytic Water Splitting (Starter)
  (Starter Options) Aluminum * Magnesium * Compound Metals (positive/negative) and Hydride Metal etc.
- Water and Air Pressure Grating
- Propellers (Air Ride System)


1 Using the Starter or a Starter Option to Hydrogen start the hydropowered engine.
2 With water and air pressure grating oxygen intakes from the grille to the engine reservoir and out through
  the tail pipe.
3 A power button to the propellers from the electronic cell car powers on the propellers with water and
  air pressure grating connected from the engine reservoir. The grille and tailpipe connections to the
  propellers with water and air pressure grating provides oxygen intake (grille) and
  oxygen outtake (tail pipe).
4 Select the mode hit the pedal or just enjoy the breeze with natural ventilation for air conditioning.


Eye Gif. Frame Lights
Electronic Assesories...

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